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 For one's emblem 安ierad闚 it has knight in armour and green frog. Symbols these join with the most former legends.
Doctor Leonard Thurneyssen he observed by lag longer time he affirmed that it does not it decompose at all and with surprise lying in jednym from sources frog. It it it was not knowed was yet about radon obviously then, but the proof of unique proprieties of waters was already this from him content.
First supplied documentary evidence mentions about settlement come from with beginning XVI age. In 1572 year in tomes of Silesian Leonarda's doctor Thunnessera he found oneself the description of sources of mineral waters. In 1739 year count's specialist committee Schaffgotscha she affirmed scientifically healing it working waters from neighbouring sources.
First spa house came into being soon. It it in 1811 year was uncovered was new source and broadcast him name "Bottom spring ". It therefrom time except making up speciality 安ieradowa bath was begun was spruce applying borowinowe interventions. In 1895 year fire destroyed the part of buildings of Uzdrowiska however new, complex spa complex in 1899 year come into being already.
Today health resort "安ierad闚 - Czerniawa " is jednym of few health resorts in Poland, in which the silence and quiet, lack of turmoil of great rest-camps inflict it that it was it been possible was here to take a cure and to have some rest throughout year perfectly. The scaturient sources of mineral waters as well as specific mountain microclimate heighten the attractiveness of "安ierad闚 - Czerniawa ".


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